Prof P Balaram is explaining why many Indian Universities do not stand in top world ranking universities?

Following is the video lecture link.

Selective excerpt from the above video.
Prof. P. Balaram-“What are Indian universities’ administrators concerned with? Indian universities’ administrators concerned with handling many local political situations many general political situations, there is no vice chancellor in India who is allowed anytime to do anything academic or worry about any academic things their universities. And therefore, having been the director of Indian Institute of Science for nine years, I can say that the Indian Institute of Science may be the last bastion, where even if you are the director of Indian Institute of Science, you can worry about something academic at least for twenty percent of your time but not more than that…in the night at least you can worry about academic matters…

It is not enough to have petty understanding of local politics, as being the driving force in determining the way this country will go.”z

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