Previous Work: Translation regulation of metabolic shift

Yeast has evolved for the variety of nutrient starvation. Hence yeast can modulate its metabolism according to the composition of available nutrients. The mechanism behind such modulation seems to be pretty simple, that is the change in enzymes activity and concentration involved in different metabolic pathways. However, how cells achieve such changes is not known?

To address this broad question, currently we (me and Sunil) are taking a small step towards it. We designed a simple experiment, in that yeast is shifted from glucose enriched media to glucose starved media following this yeast shifts its metabolism from glycolysis to respiration. Now we are analyzing the change in profile of translation rate of most the mRNAs those are present inside the cells. Hopefully, we are going to gain insights into the translational regulation of this metabolic shift. Further, we would be addressing what sort of genetic pathways involved in such metabolic shift and in what fashion they are arranged? What are the master regulators of such metabolic shift?

I would be updating soon here with the answers of above questions. 🙂