First author publications


Senescent cell turnover slows with age providing an explanation for the Gompertz law, Nature Communications (*Co-First Author)  December 2019

Omer Karin*, Amit Agrawal*, Ziv Porat, Valery Krizhanovsky & Uri Alon

Our study featured in the “Top 50 life sciences and biological sciences articles” Nature Communications 2019


Indicators of grassland to woodland transitions along a spatial gradient in a savanna ecosystem, Global Ecology and Biogeography, (* Co-First Author) May 2017

Stephanie Eby*, Amit Agrawal*, Sabiha Majumdar, Andrew Dobson, Vishwesha Guttal

Our study appeared on the journal cover. 

Collaborative publications


Impaired immune surveillance accelerates accumulation of senescent cells and aging

Ovadya Y et al., Dec 2018 Nature Communications

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